The Standard Hollywood was the inception of the Standard brand, revolutionary for being the first boutique hotel catering to people on a budget.  The guest room design was an exercise in scaling back, stripping away the clutter traditionally found in hotel rooms to reveal design-centric spaces.  Artwork and graphics migrated from the walls to become embedded in the very materials of the room; SHD famously transformed Andy Warhol’s iconic flower print into drapes.   Designing for a youthful crowd, SHD vitalized the hotel's public spaces with a series of quasi-nightclubs filled with modern design classics.   Rudy’s Barber Shop, established by Alex Calderwood, founder of  Ace Hotel group, was an innovative retail presence occupying the lobby, while the front desk was transformed into a bar with high stools.  The lobby also featured the infamous Vitrine, a permanent art installation where performers were invited to sleep.